Ocean Shores Police Sgt. Watson promoted to Deputy chief

Police and Fire information

The Ocean Shores Police Department has announced that Sgt. Kyle Watson has been promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief. Kyle Watson began his law enforcement career in 1998 as a reserve police officer for the cities of Tonasket and Oroville in Eastern Washington. He became a full-time officer for Tonasket and attended the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Spokane. He was hired by the Ocean Shores Police Department in 2005, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2016. During his years with Ocean Shores PD, he was awarded the Medal of Merit twice for lifesaving efforts, and received a commendation for establishing a Block Watch program. As a sergeant, he was in charge of the Marine Patrol Unit, the Reserve Officer Program, and the Field Training program. As Deputy Chief, he will take on a variety of administrative tasks, along with handling major incidents and investigations.

Ocean Shores Police have notified the public under state law about a level three sex offender who has moved into the area.
Cory Duane Wey has registered his location as in the 600 block of Copalis Ave. NE. The official notification states Wey had been convicted of: two separate charges of Rape 2 with Forcible Compulsion.Date of Conviction: April 18, 2018 Place of Conviction: Grays Harbor County Age: 18 Race: W Height: 5'10" Weight: 185 Hair color: BlondeComments/History: In 2018, WEY was accused of forcibly raping a female acquaintance. Within six weeks, and while he knew he was under investigation for the first assault, he forcibly raped another female acquaintance. He was tried and convicted of both rapes. While incarcerated, he received sex offender treatment. Date of bulletin: June 26, 2020From the police notification::THIS PERSON IS NOT WANTED BY THE POLICE AT THIS TIME. THIS NOTIFICATION IS NOT INTENDED TO INCREASE FEAR RATHER, IT IS OUR BELIEF THAT AN INFORMED PUBLIC IS A SAFER PUBLIC. The Ocean Shores Police Department has no legal authority to direct where a sex offender may or may not live. Unless court ordered restrictions exist, this offender is free to live wherever he or she chooses. Sex offenders have always lived in our communities. It wasn’t until the passage of the Community Protection Act of 1990 (which mandated sex offender registration) that law enforcement even knew where they were living. In many cases, law enforcement is now able to share that information with the public. Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated. Further, such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to do community notifications."

North Beach High School Class of 2020 To be Celebrated in a Ceremony Reflecting Innovation and Resilience

North Beach School District statement on graduation

For the Class of 2020, senior year has been one of missed experiences. With no senior prom, spring sports and other traditional rites of passage, they haven’t had a chance to create the memories they had expected to treasure for a lifetime.

The administrators of North Beach High School are determined to make sure there’s one important memory the Class of 2020 will leave with: A graduation ceremony to remember. It’s scheduled to take place June 13, 2020, at 5 p.m.

Working with community members, the team of Principal Russell Evans, Vice Principal Wendy McCoy and Graduation and Transition Specialist Laken Church brainstormed ideas for conducting an event that celebrates the hard work and achievements of these young people in a fun and creative way, while adhering to state guidelines for keeping everyone safe. In order to ensure proper social distancing, 37 young people – seniors plus a small number of juniors who’ve completed the requirements for graduation and a foreign language exchange student who wishes to participate -- will march onto Lt. Jim Davis Field, enter the grandstands and find their pre-designated spots, six feet apart.

In addition to the traditional caps and gowns, they’ll wear cloth masks designed, sewn and decorated by local nurse/business owner Judy Mahew.

But, what’s graduation without family members and loved ones to witness the big day? In order to allow families to watch their child mark this milestone, they will be allowed to watch from the field, in the comfort and safety of their personal vehicles.

Below, John Wagner, Ocean Shores Public Works Crew Chief, puts up banners honoring the 2020 North Beach Graduates along the main Pt. Brown Ave downtown core of Ocean Shores. (photo by Scott D. Johnston)

For the community at large, graduation ceremonies willl be livestreamed on the district and school’s Facebook pages and broadcast on KOSW radio as well as carried on North Beach Community TV and Northbeachnow.com.

The video will be available on YouTube shortly afterward.

It all gets started when families line up outside the stadium in their cars by 4:25 p.m. Next, they will caravan in and be directed where to park by the field attendants. Graduating students will enter the stadium at 5 p.m. Introductions will be provided by Principal Evans and each graduate will make a brief statement, followed by speeches by Valedictorian David Nessa and co-Salutatorians Amelia Loudenback and Isabele Harnagy.

Superintendent Andy Kelly will certify the graduating Class of 2020. “As graduates collect their diplomas and leave the stadium, I expect a fanfare unlike anything previously heard in Ocean Shores,” Superintendent Kelly says. “We hope the community will join us by creating a cacophony. Cheer! Honk your car horns! Bang pots and pans together! Let the Class of 2020 know you are proud!”

In these unprecedented times, North Beach High School seeks to carry on tradition with flexibility, creativity and resilience, some of the same characteristics we have worked to instill in our graduates.

Ocean Shores FD confirms transport of COVID-19 patient -- Two more Convention Center events cancelled

By Scott D. Johnston

The first individual in Grays Harbor County to test positive for the COVID-19 Coronavirus was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital by Ocean Shores EMS personnel, according to a press release issued Thursday afternoon, March 12, by Ocean Shores Fire Chief Mike Thurier.

Meanwhile, two more events scheduled this month at the Ocean Shores Convention Center, the Razor Clam Festival and an EMS conference, were postponed or cancelled Thursday. That news comes on the heels of Tuesday night’s cancellation/postponement of a Clean and Free event that was to have started this weekend.

The Fire Chief’s statement was posted on the Ocean Shores Professional Fire Fighters Local 2109 Facebook page about 4:30 p.m. Thursday and was quickly reposted to several other pages. It reads, in part: “The crew involved on the call took all available and necessary precautions during the transport while in contact with the patient. After returning from the transport, the crew took all decontamination measures set forth by the Grays Harbor County EMS protocol.

“Per the Washington State Department of Health, our members were not considered to be an exposure risk to the Virus, and none of them have shown any signs or symptoms associated with the COVID-19.

“The Ocean Shores Fire Department crew responded to the county to contact the patient. No other demographic information on the patient can be disclosed per the H.I.P.A.A. (Health Insurance, Portability, and Accountability Act) laws.”

North Beach NOW has learned the transport took place from a location outside of Ocean Shores, but within OSFD’s EMS service area, which stretches up the North Beach to Taholah.

The release goes on to state: “The Ocean Shores Fire Department is asking for your cooperation with the following: If you are experiencing any of these symptoms fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and you feel you must go to the hospital, please call 911 and we will come to you.

“Our firefighters are routinely cleaning and disinfecting stations and equipment to maintain the fire department’s readiness and health. Because of the high volume of calls that the fire department routinely responds to, we are implementing measures to limit any extra activities that can be temporarily avoided.”

The department has suspended station tours or station visits, any ride-alongs or students, and is not currently accepting any donations. The Fire Department is available for questions at its business phone number: 360-289-3611.

Ocean Shores statement on coronoavirus precautions, mayor outlines city's preparations

Ocean Shores has begun taking precautions and making preparations in response to the widening COVID-19 Coronavirus: outbreak, Mayor Crystal Dingler outlined Thursday.

"First, I want to share my continuing concern for the residents of Life Center in Kirkland and the families who have lost loved ones or whose loved ones have been exposed. Our community supports them and those in other states and countries who are affected. This is an evolving event. Policy makers and leaders have been adapting and establishing new sets of expectations and recommendations. We are all determined to protect our older population and those with compromised immune systems and in doing those things, we also want to protect our employees, businesses and economy to make sure that we are able to continue to have people employed. The more we can slow down the transmission of this disease, the greater chance we have of helping people remain healthy. This virus will test us. We need to look out for one another and be compassionate, yet we need to act with urgency."

The City of Ocean Shores is following Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and implementing all recommended protocols and procedures communicated by the Grays Harbor County Public Health Department and the Emergency Management Service office in Aberdeen, Dingler said.
"CDC recommendations will change as more information becomes available and Grays Harbor EMS is working to develop more concrete recommendations. The State Emergency Management Division conducted a webinar for elected officials regarding COVID-19 in which the Mayor and Ocean Shores city department heads participated. In the webinar, the Department of Health (DOH) provided an update on where the epidemic currently stands and what legal, policy, and planning considerations around non-pharmaceutical interventions local elected officials, emergency managers, and public health jurisdictions should engage in. The focus has shifted away from isolating and preventing new cases. It has become clear that with a two-week incubation period and most people having very mild symptoms that this will continue to spread regardless of any isolation measures put in place.
"As with the Flu, it will be most dangerous for the old, the young, and those with underlying medical issues. Most people will exhibit only mild viral syndromes. While we continue to follow the lead of the Grays Harbor Community Public Health Department the City of Ocean Shores department are taking following actions:
Ocean Shores Convention Center – The Ocean Shores Convention Center follows the Center for Disease Control Interim Guidelines for mass gatherings and large community events. These include:• Daily cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces and door-handles and deep cleaning after each event• Visual aids offering guidance to help slow the spread of COVID-19• Visual aids encouraging sick people not to attend events• Extra sanitation stations at both entrances and where food is served• An isolation area has been prepared with appropriate supplies• Putting Emergency Operations and communication plans into action and staying informed of local situations when necessary

Ocean Shores Library– Provide hand sanitizer at the front door entrance along with educational information. The daily cleaning of surfaces and door handles and reminding the public with basic prevention measures. Health and COVID-19 Coronavirus information will be disseminated to all Ocean Shores library card holders via email.

Ocean Shores Police Department – Provide hand sanitizer at front lobby along with educational information. Daily cleaning of surfaces and door handles along with reminding the public of basic prevention measures.

Ocean Shores Fire Department – Following CDC guidelines and protocols handed down by GHEMS office.
• Hand sanitizer at entrances of the fire station
• Limited access to general public to certain areas of the fire station
• Updates from GHEMS office in Aberdeen and Department of Health
• Additional medical supplies. masks, isolation gowns, eye protection

"The City of Ocean Shores will continue following recommendations from GHEMS and Department of Health. Ocean Shores Fire Department wants to remind everyone that this is also cold and flu season so if you are presenting symptoms it may be the flu or cold and you should contact you primary health care provider and not an Emergency Department unless you are suffering with symptoms such as fever and/or have traveled or been in contact with someone that has traveled recently."

Basic Guidance:
• Wash hands frequently
• If you are sick, stay home
• Maintain a social distance
• Avoid touching your face and eyes when possible
• Practice good hygiene by covering your sneezes and coughs
• Stay informed by your Health Care Provider
• Remain calm

Additional resources: You can find updated information on COVID-19 and cases in Washington state on the DOH website. The DOH has also set up a call center to address questions from the public. If you have questions about what is happening in Washington, please call 1 (800) 525-0127 and press #.

Firebreak public discussion draws large crowd
as ocean shores city council continues to eye
options to protect hotels, properties along dunes

North Beach Community TV video of the full discussion

The Ocean Shores City Council continues to move forward toward a proposed 50-foot wide firebreak buffer between properties along the dunes and the often tinder dry vegetation that has taken over much of the outer dunes. Residents and longtime condo owners, as well as those in the hotel industry urged the council to consider the rising fire danger as well as the need to protect and mitigate any encroachment in the wetlands the city recently had fully mapped out in a delineation process. North Beach Community TV was filming the full council proceedings, seen starting Tuesday on Channel 68 for those having Coast Communications cable. For our online viewers, here is the video of the firebreak full discussion with public comment:

new Ocean Shores business association begins to take shape, partner with Marketing Co-op

The new Ocean Shores Business Association began to take form Tuesday in a meeting at the Polynesian attended by about 40 members of the local business and residential community.

Led by Ocean Shores City Councilman Jon Martin, who also owns Martin Bruni Liquor and is general manager of McDonald’s for Grays Harbor, the group voted on the new name, and also to partner with the existing Ocean Shores Marketing Co-Op. The business association is intended to replace the former Chamber of Commerce, which closed its offices and disbanded last year amid financial problems and board turmoil.

The new effort, Martin explained, comes at the same time the city is conducting what it calls a “Deep Dive” into the local economy, seeking to define and enhance the city’s economic future. “Ultimately, one of things we realized in the Deep Dive is there was not a lot of business involvement. Part of the problem is that when you have a meeting at 1 p.m. on a Wednesday, a lot of businesses are open for business and you don’t have the time to walk away.”

With new businesses, such as Dollar General, starting to operate in town, there currently is no central source of business information and resources. “There are a lot of things we are missing in our business community right now,” Martin said, listing “communication, working together and having all of you know what’s going on.” The attendees at the meeting agreed on the new name, and then also voted to join forces with the Marketing Co-Op, which currently is organizing and promoting the Ocean Shores 50th Celebration of the city’s 50 years of official incorporation.

The Co-Op previously has organized several advertising and promotional campaigns for Ocean Shores, including the theme, “More than a Beach.” Members of the group, such as Mike Doolittle of Playtime Fun Center or Dianne Hansen of the Dusty Trunk, noted the Co-Op already is charted as a non-profit, which would suit the needs of the new Ocean Shores Business Association.

The next steps defined by those in attendance were to form a board, define a mission statement, seek leadership, develop a new website to highlight and showcase the business community, and find a location to establish a presence in the city.

seismic survey proposed on cascadia subduction zone this spring and summer off pacific northwest coast

Public comment period now open on environmental assessment

The National Science Foundation has notified the public about a new draft environmental assessment and analysis of a marine geophysical survey of the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the north Pacific coast. The survey would be conducted this late spring and summer, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and led by researches from multiple academic institutions and collaborators from the U.S. Geological Survey.

The so-called “high-energy marine geophysical survey” is intended to “acquire a regional grid of modern marine seismic reflection and refraction data spanning the Cascadia Subduction Zone from Oregon to British Columbia.” It also will “characterize the megathrust earthquake fault zone, the overlying sediments and underlying oceanic plate and how these geologic structures vary along and across the margin.”

The study would provide the first regional-scale characterization of the subduction earthquake fault zone at Cascadia using modern imaging technology, aid in the assessment of geohazards for the Pacific Northwest pertaining to earthquakes and tsunamis, and allow for comparative studies with other subduction zones around the world. Data collected would be useful for development of an earthquake early warning network. The proposed seismic surveys would be expected to begin in early June 2020 and last for approximately 40 days, including 37 days of seismic operations.

The Draft Environmental Assessment regarding the proposed action is posted for a 30-day public comment period on the NSF website at: http://www.nsf.gov/geo/oce/envcomp/index.jsp

Comments may be submitted via email to: NSFNEPACASCADIA@nsf.gov.